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Divorce is the most stressful and complicated time in any person's life. Divorce means permanent changes in the life of your spouse and your children. It is one of those complicated legal process that can be stressful and the results may get delayed for months. Your marriage is on the rocks and you are preparing to file the divorce papers or you are already served with divorce papers, a proper understanding of the laws of divorce and the legal proceeding is necessary to understand the entire process of divorce. A California divorce is known as dissolution of marriage proceeding. In order to initiate the legal process one need to file the petition for Dissolution of Marriage.


After filling of all the required California divorce forms and papers, the dissolution proceeding initiates. This proceeding will resolve all the issues related to the ending of the marriage. Other important issues like child custody, child visit, reimbursements rights are formally resolved by the proceeding. Once the divorce is finalized and granted , then both of the divorcing parties are legally eligible for marriage. After filling the divorce papers, the a legal notice is served to the other party. The other party has 30 days to reply against the legal notice. Other legal steps after the initiation of the proceeding are Temporary Orders, Discovery,Settlement and the last of it is trial.


The final order of the proceeding to end the marriage is called Judgment of the dissolution of the marriage. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is six month waiting period for divorce in California and it is not guaranteed that your case will get resolved in 6 months. According to the California divorce time line the duration of simple case are less than 6 months , however the more complicated cases get stretched for years to get resolved. If you want more details about filling a divorce in California kindly visit.

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