Grounds for Divorce in Georgia

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Divorce is a serious situation and can cause loads of trauma and stress to the family that goes through it. Before initiating the process of divorce make sure that you educate yourself on the divorce laws of your state and consult with a divorce attorney about the legalities involved in the process of divorce. Georgia divorce law has provision of multiple grounds for divorce. For every divorce ground there are specific parameters to be met before the decision of divorce is granted.


Given below are the grounds for divorce in Georgia:


  • Mental incapacity when getting married: If you are seeking divorce on this ground then you will be required to prove to the court that either you or your spouse were mentally incompetent to take a strong decision about marriage, when marriage took place.


  • Impotency at the marriage: If either of the spouses is unable to perform sexually or is unable to have intercourse with the other spouse, then on this ground divorce can be obtained.


  • Marriage in the same blood line: If the married couple come from the same blood line then the marriage is considered to be void. A divorce can be obtained on this ground.


  • Forceful marriage or fraud : If the wedding is done by force or you were forced to get married to a person under some threat then a divorce can be obtained on this ground. If the marriage happens by doing some kind of fraud then a divorce can be obtained on this ground.


  • Pregnancy of wife by another person before wedding: If your wife had lied to you about the real father of the child prior to your marriage and you discover that the child is not yours, then you can get a divorce done on this ground.


  • Adultery: If any of the married partners have committed adultery, then the other partner can obtain a divorce on this ground. Adultery is the standard reason for a divorce in almost all the states of America.


  • Desertion: You can obtain a divorce on the grounds of desertion if your spouse has deserted you for more than a year with no intention of returning in the near future.


  • Conviction: If any of the spouses is convicted for any crime for at least 2 years, then you can get a divorce on this ground.


  • Addiction: A divorce can be obtained if your spouse is habitually addicted to any narcotic and shows no sign of leaving the habit.

These are some of the most common grounds for divorce in Georgia. For detailed information on all the divorce grounds in Georgia you can log on to

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