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Getting a divorce is not an easy. However, you may find many people who are seeking a divorce on various grounds. Most of the divorce cases are filled under collaborative divorce or an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce saves a lot of time and money and so most people opt for this kind of divorce. If you are planning to get a divorce in Georgia then you need to educate yourself on the existing Georgia divorce laws and legalities involved.




In order to obtain a divorce in Georgia you either need to be married in the state or be a resident of the state for at least 6 months before filing a divorce.. If you have completed the residency requirement, a proof of residency needs to be submitted along with the divorce papers. You can get the divorce papers either from the courthouse or you can download them from here. There are two types of divorce that one can opt for and they differ from situation to situation. One is a no fault divorce and the other is a fault based divorce. No fault divorce is the most common form of divorce where irreconcilable differences are the common ground where divorce is obtained. On the other hand the grounds for a fault based divorce could be adultery, desertion, conviction of felony, addiction, financial crisis and many others.


Divorce process initiates after filing the divorce papers that is also called as Petition for divorce in Georgia. This petition contains information of the divorce ground on which the divorce is asked for and other information related to the financial standing of both the divorcing parties and information about children if there are any. Once the papers are filed the other spouse is served with the disclosure statement and a domestic relations financial affidavit. The respondent gets 30 days to respond to the notice.


Consulting a divorce lawyer before filling the petition for divorce can prove to be a good idea. Make sure that you educate yourself on Georgia divorce laws before getting into divorce.

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